About Battle Hip

Nice view, eh?

You betcha! This is what the good life is all about… scrambling up mountains, enjoying a good workout, and relishing your victorious summit with an (almost) frosty brewskie.

But when you suffer from a serious joint injury or disease, it’s difficult — if not impossible — to lead an active lifestyle. Only one year after this picture was taken, my hip had degenerated to the point that I couldn’t even walk around the block without excruciating pain.

My name is Olivia, and as an athlete who has suffered from hip dysplasia since birth, I’ve always battled pain to be active. By age 32, I’d already had three surgeries: two minor arthroscopic procedures to remove labral tears/scar tissue, and a more significant procedure called a periacetabular osteotomy, where the bone is cut around the acetabulum to reposition the hip socket (yes, it’s as painful as it sounds). I’ve also gone through hundreds of hours of physical therapy, multiple rounds of cortisone shots, and have consumed enough Ibuprofen to kill my liver several times over. At least it regenerates.

The hip joint, not so much.

So, at age 36, it’s THR time. On 02/20/2017, I will be getting a total hip replacement, and Battle Hip will be my personal story of fighting my way back to being active and fit.  Along the way, I’ll be sharing my experience, as well as links to helpful fitness and joint-replacement resources. If you suffer from a degenerative joint condition, or are simply looking to improve your fitness, I hope you find this blog to be informative!

(And entertaining.)