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Couch Potato

Ok, I know what you’re thinking…where can I buy that cat blanket?


Now that we’ve gotten your most pressing question out of the way, let’s talk about fitness challenge Before photos, and how this one isn’t what you’re used to seeing. Why not?




And also, because I think they don’t help you focus on what’s most important. When you undertake a fitness challenge, it shouldn’t just be to change the way you look. Yes, improving your fitness will likely make your body change, help you lose weight and possibly reduce your jeans size.


But undertaking a fitness challenge should be about so much more. You should FEEL better because you’ve improved your performance in areas like strength, endurance or flexibility. Can’t run a mile? Set a goal to finish a 5K. Never done a pull-up? Challenge yourself to get strong enough to do 10. There are a million different athletic benchmarks you can set for yourself that are far more useful and important than evaluating what you look like in a bikini (or speedo)!


Whatever our fitness goals are, to reach them, we have to make positive changes to our lifestyle. Food, activity, habits… you get the idea. If you’re like me, sometimes long work hours, stress and regular ol’ life can just get the best of you. If you’ve recently had a hip replacement, add to this that your body still isn’t working the way you expect it to, your muscles may feel weak, and the idea of working out becomes even more daunting. Before you know it, you find yourself sitting on the couch, watching TV and eating pizza instead of going to that spin class you signed up for.


Which brings us back to these Before photos. Why take a frowning photo in bad kitchen lighting that focuses ONLY on what you look like in your swimwear? Think about your lifestyle: what food choices, activities and habits do you need to change in order to reach your goal?


For the rest of this week, I’ll be sharing a daily BEFORE photo which features at least one junk food that I want to try to limit and one lazy habit/activity that I want to reduce.


I hope you find these as entertaining as they were to make! And if you’re thinking of taking on your own fitness challenge, I encourage you to ditch those boring Before photos. Create your own “Not Your Average Before Photo” portfolio and have a little fun saying goodbye to those bad habits you want to kick to the curb.



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