Just Like Peeing in The Wind…

It’s all coming back to me now.


Day 1 – and Day 2 – of my fitness challenge are done, thank God. Expecting more fanfare? Me, too. Bob and I had big plans for an elaborate launch party, complete with balloons, fireworks, the burning of my crutches (you know, all the usual stuff), and then I remembered something.


Being an athlete is hard. Really hard.


Especially when your body has changed so dramatically. And I’m not just talking about the ceramic joint that now sits where your femoral head once was, or the carbon fiber stem that was hammered into your thigh bone. It may surprise you, but sometimes your new hip isn’t the biggest challenge you’ll face on your journey back to an active lifestyle.


Beware of other significant obstacles:


  • Injuries to adjacent muscles or joints. For me, it’s my back. For others, it might be a knee, maybe an ankle. The point is – when you have weakness in a major joint, other supporting areas of your body start “helping” out more than they should (a.k.a. compensating). This can result in all kinds of new injuries you weren’t expecting.
  • Your brain. This may very well be the most significantly impacted area of your body. Once upon a time, I was a pretty serious endurance athlete. My mind still thinks I can run a marathon. Guess what? I can’t. Not yet, anyway. Your brain is still trying to figure everything out, make sense of Bob, and to fix all of the mental work-arounds that you didn’t realize you were creating while dealing with the disabling pain and immobility caused by your affected joint. It takes time, repetition and expert guidance (not-so-subtle plug for physical therapy) to help “teach” your brain that your impacted joint isn’t an enemy anymore.
  • Nausea. Nausea, dear friends, is why you didn’t see a blog post from me on Day 1. Within moments of “victoriously” finishing my first workout, I nearly lost my carefully macro-nutrient-balanced lunch. An advent that made its debut after my surgery, nausea now occurs when I overwhelm my body by asking too much of it. My face turns white, I start sweating profusely, and I feel like I’m going to…you know…call up the dinosaurs. With time, I hope to overcome this annoying little affliction, but for now, it’s something I have to be very careful to avoid.

Ok, that’s it for today folks.


Yes, yes… I know I owe you all some actual information about what exactly this “fitness challenge” is. And what was so horrible on Day 1 that it almost made my lunch reappear. But fear not! These details (and pictures – lots and LOTS of ridiculous “before” pictures), are coming to you soon. I also took a video of the Day 1 workout, which was highly embarrassing. After some “light” editing, I’ll be sharing that with all of you.


But for now, Bob and I need sleep. It’s been a long two days of what would have been very easy workouts for normal people, and we’re pooped. #battlehiplife

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