I’ll Have a Liter O’ Cola

Ok, before we get into tonight’s bad habits, I HAVE BREAKING NEWS….




Bob and I just ran a timed mile!


I shouldn’t use an exclamation mark since the results were pitiful – just over a 10 minute pace, but since it was Bob’s first timed mile EVER, I feel like I need to celebrate with, I don’t know, maybe champagne A WHOLE LITER OF COLA.



liter o' cola


To tell you the truth, I’ve never consumed an entire liter of soda before. That’s because I’m from the Midwest, and we drink pop. Which is kinda too bad because drinking pop instead of soda means you burn .001 less calories per liter when you request it using just one syllable instead of two.


You East Coasters have it so easy.


Unfortunately, I don’t have time to calculate the difference in calorie burn for the rest of the country’s variations of soda pronunciation, but I do know that as of 2012, nearly half of all Americans (48%), reported drinking at least one glass of soda per day, with the average amount at 2.6 glasses.




Now, if you didn’t already know that soda (and basically all sugary beverages) are a huge contributor to obesity, then I don’t know what rock you’ve been hiding under. Everything that could ever be written about the dangers of soda consumption has already been written. That being said, it’s kind of interesting to get a detailed understanding of just what happens to your body when you drink one. Check out this play-by-play in a blog post from Dr. Robert Gibson.


Ok, I know you didn’t click on it. Which is ok, because I have no idea if this guy is legit.


But he makes drinking soda sound scary as $&%*, so moving forward, Ima gonna join the JSNTSOP campaign (Just Say No To Soda or Pop).


It’s new, but I’m sure it’ll catch on. Really rolls off the tongue, and works in multiple areas of the country.


Ok, I have to run. Literally. The Day 8 workout for this challenge somehow includes an additional timed circuit workout followed by 5 x 100 meters sprints.


Wish me luck – gym closes in 20 minutes.

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