Throwback A Burrito Thursday

For the record, no burritos were harmed in the making of this Not Your Average Before photo. Well, not by yours truly, anyway. I can’t say the same for the photographer, who patiently waited for me to finish using her dinner as a prop before she ate it.


Who is this gracious photographer you ask? Well, I can’t tell you.


It’s perplexing, but when I asked the photographer if she wanted credit as the artist of this burrito drive-by masterpiece, she responded, “No. DEFINITELY NO.”


Which may have something to do with the circumstances surrounding the shoot, during which both myself and the mystery photographer could have been killed. You see, this wasn’t exactly planned. In fact, it was totally impromptu. I was simply doing what I do most nights… driving around a residential suburb in a bikini wearing sparkly gold heels with a friend pimpin’ in the passenger seat eating a burrito.


I’m guessing you can start to see what’s wrong with this picture.


That’s right, we were DRIVING instead of walking!!! What were we thinking?! According to an article in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, Americans log the fewest walking miles of any industrialized nation. Which is a big mistake. Some might even say an “uuuge” mistake. The benefits of walking are amazing. Studies have shown that people who walk even 5.5 miles per week at a casual pace of 2 mph can reduce their cardiovascular risk by 31%, and cut the risk of dying by 32%. Another study showed that walking just over ¾ of a mile per day could reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s. What’s not to like about these benefits?


There are many more, so next time you plan to cruise your neighborhood streets in your favorite swimwear and your sparkly heels, leave the wheels behind. If you don’t, when you decide to pull over on a busy street, throw yourself across the hood of your car, and pretend to eat a Burrito against the backdrop of a beautiful sunset, you might get run over. By a dump truck. Driven by a bewildered man who forgot what lane he was supposed to drive his 20-ton vehicle in.




If you need more (legitimate) ideas for how you can incorporate walking into your daily life, check out this fantastic list of 100 Ways to Add 2,000 Steps from the group America on the Move. Right now, it’s a great time of year for #74.


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