Who is a Battle Hiper?


Well, let’s see if good old Webster can help us out…

Battle Hiper definition

Let’s dig into this a little more. Does any of the following apply to you?

  1. Your alarm is defective – meaning, it fails to wake you up in time to workout EVERY morning. Electronics are the darndest things…
  2. You try REALLY hard not to eat those free donuts at work, but you’re a good person and don’t want to make anything feel unloved
  3. That nagging back injury makes it difficult to do pretty much ANYTHING (except binge watch Game of Thrones on the couch)
  4. You’ll circle the parking lot for 20 minutes to find a spot close to the door, but you JUST… CAN’T… SEEM to find 20 minutes in your day for cardio
  5. ALL OF THE ABOVE – but you really want to do better, be healthier and become more active!!!

Well, then you have come to the right place, my friends.

While Battle Hip details my personal journey of recovering from a total hip replacement (THR) at age 36, it is not dedicated solely to my bionic hip brethren. There is plenty of content in Battle Hip that aims to help current or future THR recipients understand what the experience is like, but the bigger purpose of Battle Hip is to help ANYONE become more active and fit.

At Battle Hip, we’re all in this together. Whether you’re like me – a recreational athlete trying to recover from THR – a serious athlete who just experienced a major injury, or a couch potato who wants to run their first 5K, I hope you’ll find inspiration on Battle Hip to help you overcome your challenges and achieve your fitness goals.

Welcome to the Battle Hip Team! It’s exciting to have you on board.